Ballmer’s Most Moronic Answers

by techsnarkblog

Ballmer continues to embarrass himself with the lack of understanding. zdnet posted an interview conducted with Ballmer, and while most of it was rather uninteresting, here’s a few good tidbits: 

And nobody has ever managed to figure out how to build a device for a user that was just enterprise or just consumer.

By using the word ‘just’, Ballmer does make himself technically correct. However, more to the spirit of the question and the answer, the iPad is mostly a consumer device. That’s the magical answer that Ballmer doesn’t seem to get. Sure, iPads are also used for business, and they’re definitely more than just consumption devices, but their primary target is consumers. 

In the same way, it is true that Apple’s Mac lines are not selling heavily into the enterprise markets, but that’s more likely because of price and legendary support structures rather than desire. 

What Ballmer is really saying is that Microsoft has done one thing really well; built a product that sells into large enterprise consumers. And since Windows is the only real solution for OEM manufacturers, Windows is also the default OS on consumer electronics. Default, but not desired. 

Ballmer definitely has a very grandiose opinion of himself and Microsoft

I would say a billion plus people and now more with phones, even if they’re not all our phones, I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished there.

Yeah. Sure. You were right there with innovation.