Not even @gruber can argue this one

People that write for a living have some great comments on yesterday’s iPhone announcement. Specifically, check out John Gruber’s post, MG Siegler’s post, and arstechnica

Many smart people can agree that thus far the “Steve Jobs wouldn’t have let whatever happen” comments have been stupid. There’s no way of knowing! However, I’m pretty sure we can all mostly agree that Steve Jobs wouldn’t have allowed this:

Screen Shot 2013 09 11 at 1 24 07 PM

The way the iPhone wording is hidden behind the plastic to spell out ‘hon’ is amateur. It would have been cute had the ‘n’ at least been fully visible. Not even John Gruber can find a similar non-sensicle design while Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple.

Great announcement, though. I have a feeling that, despite the stock-price dip, Apple is going to sell a boatload of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Let’s face it, this is just the first stage. Next year, the 5C will come free or free-ish with contract and everything will change once again.