Business Insider – Keeping it Classy

by techsnarkblog

Writing shitty articles and getting hits for them is not unlike doing drugs. The first hit gets you high, and the second and third time you do the drug, you need more. We’ve seen plenty of “Steve Jobs wouldn’t approve” articles from Business Insider, but they’re clearing stepping up their game in terms of bullshit. 

Some Things Apple Has Done Since Steve Jobs Died That He Might Have Disagreed With is awesome. Really. First, it tells us how Steve Jobs often pivoted on ideas that he was originally against, thus making him a dynamic leader. So, to get this straight Business Insider, you’re admitting that Steve Jobs often changed his mind. Hmmm. And yet, you give us a list of things that ‘despite’ this quality, Steve Jobs might not like. 

Or, you know, he may have changed his mind about. But whatever. The title of the article is awesome!