Lots of BS In Tech Recently

by techsnarkblog

Apple has credibility. And with credibility, and a loyal following that understands the importance of credibility, Apple continues to achieve success. 

Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Samsung confuse credibility with momentum. They attempt to fake momentum, in hopes that they can fake it until they make it. The truth is, while this plan generally works, you need credibility. 

First, earlier in the week we learned that Nexus 7 outsold iPads in Japan. Except, it didn’t. The report Google quoted ignored Apple Store and online sales. Oops. We learned that Samsung fakes its benchmarks, and Samsung’s water-proof phone is not very water-proof (nor does it warranty cover water damage). Microsoft, on the other hand, tried to tell us how awesome Windows 8 and Surface has been doing until they had no choice but to admit the truth.

The most concerning part about all this: The media continues to eat up the narrative. Gruber’s Fitting the Facts to the Narrative post is a must-read. To further this point, have a look at how little Forbes pays for an article. What sort of quality can anyone really expect?