Apple’s Earnings – Not Bad

by techsnarkblog

Apple’s earnings were not all that disastrous. I mean, few can forget Microsoft employees proclaiming the death of the iPhone, but beyond those fantastic predictive powers, Apple still seems to be making billions of dollars on the iPhone. There’s also this ‘brilliant’ piece from Forbes noting how a cheaper smartphone market marks the end of the iPhone (oh wait, iPhone is still growing, oops). 

The latest proclamation comes from CBS, noting how Apple is a dead company walking. Great! One should really read Bryan Chaffin’s response to this. More interestingly, between the pretty decent results and decent forward outlook, the stock price has gone up in the last day. I found this great piece on Seeking Alpha on how Apple’s inventory fluctuations means 2 billion wasn’t included in this quarter. 

I’m not as well renown as all these ‘great’ financial advisors have been of late, but I would say the doom and gloom around Apple is still a bit premature.