Which Platform Should You Develop For?

by techsnarkblog

People love picking on the very successful Venture Capitalist, Fred Wilson. Every Apple “fan boy” (stupid term) with a blog continues to write about how wrong Fred was about his pronouncement that Android development is where the future is. This blog, of course, will be no exception to this.

Sure, back in December of 2010 he told everyone to develop for Android first. In April of 2011, Fred Wilson double-downed on his previous statement noting the absolute dominance of the Android marketplace based on some study that didn’t include iPod Touches and other iOS devices (read Gruber’s response to that article).

Note that Fred Wilson’s argument is quite simple – Android is becoming the dominance mobile platform, and therefore developers should develop for the dominant platform. One has to appreciate the simplicity of the argument. It’s too bad it continues to be completely wrong, because study after study shows that Android users are cheapskates. 

It ignores the fact that study after study shows that Apple users browse more on their iOS devices, and they buy more. That’s what a recent study shows, in which it is revealed that the average iPhone users pays 19 cents an app while the average Android user only pays 6 cents an app (when taking into account free download). The spread is even larger when it comes to tablets.

There are many sides to this debate, so I don’t mean to overly simplify the points above, but regardless one day we might get a correction from Fred Wilson. One day. But likely not. 

Counterpoint: Some have noted the success of advertising in the Android marketplace, but if Google isn’t winning on advertising in the mobile space, app developers won’t either.