Microsoft Mocks Apple On Behalf of Edge Cases

by techsnarkblog

Microsoft’s brag about being able to video conference and look up documents at the same time is a bit rich:

Out of the handful of times I’ve used my iPad for FaceTime, it was definitely slightly annoying that I couldn’t switch apps without the other person knowing (since the video feed cuts out while voice chatting is still active). I get it Microsoft, this is slightly annoying. 

Is this a ‘switch to a poorer platform’ sort of annoying? A: Nope. How often does one come across the scenario outlined? A: Basically never. 

Apple’s commercial feature people doing actual realistic activities; talking on the phone, video calling, answering emails, browsing the web. Oh, and taking pictures. You know, actual stuff people do. * 

* I suppose the exception to this is a few of the Siri commercials. Few people use Siri to those lengths.