More Tracking BS from Samsung & Android

by techsnarkblog

I get that when I use gmail or google search, I’m the product that gets sold to advertisers. These are free services that need to make money. Android is also free, but it’s free to the hardware manufacturers, but it is not free to the consumer. Sure, there are cheaper options available within the Android ecosystem, but a top-of-the-life Samsung phone costs as much if not more than an iPhone. 

So, top-of-the-life-Samsung customers, I’m sure your’e thrilled to know that Samsung spent $5 million for exclusive rights to Jay-Z’s new album, and installed spyware on your phone for the honour of having something for free. Android is free and open (to this kind of abuse). 

Meanwhile, as AppleInsider points out, Apple continues to close loopholes making it more difficult for advertisers and developers to collect user information. 

I get paying nothing for google and gmail, and giving up some privacy. I don’t get buying a high-end phone (the promotion was only available for high-end phones) and still giving up your privacy.