Don’t Be Passive-Aggressive Blackberry

by techsnarkblog

Blackberry released terrible numbers and it got abused by stock holders. Surprise.

A friend of mine got one of the new Blackberry phones. He complained miserably. I mocked him terribly. There is promise in the new platform, and there are features other platforms don’t have, but ultimately it feels unfinished. Blackberry simply isn’t as good at matching hardware and software as Apple, and they’re not good at releasing a feature-rich OS like Android. 

Blackberry has been in denial since the release of the iPhone. While they added a touch-screen phone to the market early on, and they included cameras and MP3 players into much of their line, they did so passive-aggressively. We learned later that the co-CEOs weren’t really into cameras and MP3 players, and believed their customer base was against such features.

Anyway! Years later. Wrong. I can’t really blame Blackberry. I owned their stock for a year or so after the iPhone was released, and the stock kept going up! Everyone assumed that while Apple awoke the smartphone consumer market, Blackberry would profit from the result as a clear ‘leader.’ Oops. 

What seems like an infinite later, Blackberry released a phone that has some good ideas, but it’s unfinished in the way other products are finished. The numbers show that the company is screwed. By the time they ‘catch-up’ it’ll be far too late. 

I think Blackberry will be fine for the next 5 years, and by that time they’ll convert their business into something low-margin and low-growth.

(rant inspired by/via The Loop)