Wall Street Journal is Awesome

by techsnarkblog

In an article titled Apple’s Cook Fails to D-light (bonus points for an awesome link-bait title!) and in reference to Tim Cook’s interview at All Things, Rolfe Winkler writes:

Tim Cook has already lost some fans on Wall Street, judging by the fall in Apple’s AAPL +0.80% stock price. Influential techies don’t seem to be very impressed with the Apple chief either.

While it is true that Apple has lost fans on Wall Street, Apple has achieved 25% gains from 2 years ago when Tim Cook took over. But Apple’s stock is far off it’s high from a year ago, thanks to stupid articles like this. 

Which techies weren’t empress? Rolfe doesn’t actually mention who wasn’t impressed. 

Mr. Cook repeatedly failed to discuss during an on-stage interview at the conference how Apple can improve mobile services like iCloud.

Right, so Tim Cook revealed no more than Steve Jobs would have at All Things D. If anything, Tim Cook was more open about the future of Apple where as Steve Jobs mostly just refused to answer questions. 

Great job Rolfie!