The Start Button Returns!

by techsnarkblog

Though not official just quite yet, more leaks reveal that a Start Button will return to Windows 8. Paul Thurrott writes:

I can now confirm that most of the rumored coming changes to the Start experience in Windows 8.1 “Blue” are correct. And I’ve got a few screenshots to help demonstrate how these changes are implemented.

Microsoft tried to capture Apple’s emotional appeal when introducing Windows 8. They also tried to capture Apple’s stubbornness, forcing users to a new way of using Windows. Without the start button, though, they created two different and segmented operating systems within one package. It didn’t work. This was obvious from the first public beta.

The thing Microsoft forgot to copy from Apple’s playbook is Apple’s preference for slow and deliberate changes. Even these small changes sometimes hit brick walls (save as being removed, as an example), but these are minor tweaks to the system by comparison to removing the start button; the very start button that made Windows 95 significantly more interesting than Mac’s OS at the time.