Business Insider ‘Clearly’ Has All the Answers on Apple Stock

by techsnarkblog

Wonderful post from Henry Blodget (awesome name!) on what clearly is going wrong with Apple. The proof? The lack of an Apple TV. You can’t make this stuff up! 

And based on all the reports about an Apple television that hit the market early last year–most of which predicted that Apple would launch its TV in the 2012 holiday season (or at least announce it and then start selling it early in 2013)–we’d bet that that major new product was intended to be Apple’s TV.

Alas, for unknown reasons–perhaps having to do with the TV industry’s refusal to meet Apple’s distribution demands–the predictions for the arrival of the TV have now been rolled forward a year, to late 2013 or early 2014.

Based on rumours that were never confirmed by Apple, Apple failed to release the product that was rumoured. See, the issue here is that Google announces things all the time. They might be failed products, but at least they’re announcing things! Apple, on the other hand, hasn’t said anything. This leads to moronic speculation on products that might never happen.

And. Thus. Disappointment. 

The one okay point the article makes is that it has been 9 months since a major new release from Apple. That is, at least somewhat, true. What the article forgets to mention is Apple’s apparent move to focus on 3Q and 4Q release dates for major new products. iPad used to be released early in the year, while the iPhone was released late in the year. Last year, Apple released a new iPhone, a new iPad (4th gen largely similar to the 3rd gen), and the iPad mini all in time for the Christmas season. This broke with its previous release schedule. 

But hey, you can look at the facts, or review the fancy chart that shows Apple has been doing nothing for 9 months. Clearly. Oh, and you would also need to ignore the amazing success of the iPad mini (the iPad line is growing 3 times faster than the iPhone!) to pretend this article is relevant.