Real News Media Has No Time for Fact Checking

by techsnarkblog

Link baiting articles by organizations like Bloomberg News and Forbes serve as an inspiration for projects like this. Today’s “real” media has an agenda, and deep dive research isn’t profitable. How many people would question Can Tumblr’s Boy Wonder Grow Up? coming from Bloomberg News? Few.

Marco Arment, who was Tumblr’s first employee and worked with David Karp, argues this article is only partially true:

Either Cohan has never stepped foot inside Tekserve, or the definition of “hipster” has broadened even further to include “all people who are not exactly like me”.

The rest of the article, as you can expect from Bloomberg these days, is about 60% true and barely addresses the sensational headline’s question at all. I thought they had a good reputation in the past — did they ever, or was it always this trashy? (Same question for Forbes.)

“Can Tumblr’s Boy Wonder Grow Up?” –